Saturday, 30 October 2010

Oxford protest against Vodaphone tax dodge

The Vodaphone shop in Oxford was shut down by protestors today as part of a growing nationwide campaign against major tax avoidance by the firm. More info on the protest at Indymedia and Socialist Worker web sites.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Oxford Students protest against tuition fees

Over 1,500 students took part in a protest against tuition fees yesterday. More footage and information here

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Oxford UAF coach tickets to Nov 6th

Buy Oxford coach tickets to national demonstration against Islamaphobia, racism and fascism on Nov 6th on line here

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Budget Protest this Weds 20th October Bonn Square 5.30pm

On Tuesday 12th October, representatives from trades unions, campaigns and community groups representing thousands of people across Oxfordshire came together to express their opposition to cuts in public services, jobs, pay and pensions which they say will damage Oxfordshire's economy irreparably.

16 different organisations, representing people from all walks of life signed up to the following statement and agreed to form a united campaign, Oxfordshire Anti-Cuts Alliance, to build resistance to the cuts:

"We believe that the savage spending cuts proposed by the coalition government will wreck millions of people's lives. They will decimate public services, cut jobs, pay and pensions, and risk plunging the British economy into further difficulties.

"We believe there is an alternative. We could raise revenue through progressive taxation, plugging tax loopholes, cancelling Trident and adopting a green approach to public spending - investing in renewable energy and public transport to create a million jobs. We call on our elected representatives to oppose all cuts in jobs and public services."

The alliance has also called on people to join an Oxfordshire Day of Action Against Cuts on the 20th October when people from across the county will demonstrate their anger against the cuts at various events, including an evening rally in Bonn Square. The group will be running an information stall during the day on Cornmarket Street, central Oxford, which will provide analysis of the Comprehensive Spendng Review as it is released, showing the impact on local people.

From 5.30pm, people will gather together in Bonn Square to demonstrate opposition to the cuts and hear from various campaigns and trades unions working to oppose them.

Groups at the meeting included Right to Work, Peoples Charter and Save Our Services.

Right to Work pamphlet - Defending the welfare state

Cameron’s Con-Dem government is set to launch the biggest attack on working people since the 1920s. A financial crisis caused by the greed of bankers is being used as an excuse to dismantle the welfare state.

Workers are being made to pay for a mess they didn’t create. The price they will pay is the destruction of public services, a drive to push down wages and the loss of well over a million jobs across the public and private sectors.

We are faced with the spectre of mass unemployment with the threat that a generation of young people will be lost to the dole queue.

But none of this is necessary. The cuts are being made while big business and the rich fail to pay billions in taxes and while billions more are squandered on illegal wars and a new generation of nuclear weapons.

This pamphlet argues that Cameron’s cuts are completely unnecessary. It seeks to arm activists with the arguments they need to use at work or college.

The money is there to pay for decent public services for all. We have to resist the Tory assault on our way of life and build a movement capable of opposing the cuts and fighting for a better world.

Order from:

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Right to Work protest at Tory Conference

7000 marched against Tory cuts in Birminghamlast Sunday!!

See photos here:

Activists prepare for protests on Wednesday 20thOctober.

The day of the Comprehensive Spending Review.

In locations all over the U.K., including Oxford!!

Other locations:

Last Sunday

We came in our thousands, defying pouring rain, to tell David Cameron and the Tories we won't pay for a crisis we did not create.

A physically impaired contingent led the way, expressing their anger over attacks on benefits, and behind them came a sea of trade union banners. Large contingents of trade unionists were joined by campaign bodies, students, pensioners and the unemployed.

There were people from the Labour Party, the Green Party, the Socialist Workers Party and no party.

The chief steward, Chris Bambery, said 7000 marched, not to be outdone the PCS general secretary quoted a figure of 10,000.

As one civil servant said, 'with this rain everyone whose marching is here to be counted.'

MPs Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell were joined at the pre-march rally with a diverse range of speakers - reflecting all those who will be targeted by George Osborne on 20 October.

After the march some 300 people crammed into a lively meeting on "Building the Resistance in Europe to Cuts & Austerity" with Jorge Costa, a Portuguese Left Bloc MP, Greek trade unionist Dina Garane and Chris Bambery of Right to Work.

Sunday's protest exceeded organisers expectations. This has been the biggest protest against the Con-Dem cuts but as Paul Brandon, chair of Right to Work, said this was just the firing of the starting pistol.

We need to use Sunday to build the protests on 19, 20 and 23 October; to build for the TUC national demonstration next march and to argue the need for a French, Greek and Spanish style general strike.

The alliances we need locally and nationally need to reflect Sunday's unity. It requires co-operation not competition. A national anti-cuts movement needs to grow organically, not to be imposed by one group.

Right to Work wants to talk to all those pledged to build the resistance in that spirit.

On Sunday 5 December we will host a national meeting on how to fight the cuts. We do not intend to launch another campaign but instead to provide a forum where can learn from each other and work together.

In the mean time we wish to extend and deepen local Right to Work groups to help create strong and vibrant networks of resistance.