Sunday, 11 March 2007

Anti war march in Oxford - Saturday March 17th

There will be a 'Troops Out- No Trident' march in Oxford next Saturday (17th March) to mark the fourth aniversary of the Iraq war.

The march assembles 12.30pm at Manzil Way (Off Cowley Road) and will go to Broad Street where there will be local and national speakers including Iraqi academic Sami Ramadani and Chris Nineham from the National Stop the War Coalition.

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Finding Closure: Contest for an Epitaph for the Iraq War Begins Today
(Originally posted March 10, 2007)
Americans. We must take responsibility for the actions of our government and our corporations. We must act now to make sure our soldiers have not died or been injured in vain. We must admit when we have failed. Learn from our mistakes. And move on to create something positive from our failures. What does the Iraq War mean to you? Where do we go from here? Please submit your own epitaph for the death of the War itself. Post your entry as a comment or send it in an email to Sponsoships and links to web sites that encourage dialogue about the War are also welcome. Weekly Winners and Prizes to be announced.
From the tears and ashes of our countryman must come an enlightenment and new dedication to truth and love.

Epitaph for the Iraq War
Iraq War
March 20,2003 to ASAP

Election tied
Leaders lied
America tried
And with Pride
Americans died
Those on each side
Were sad & horrified
Our nation is petrified
But must reverse the tide
They're no longer glorified
The murderers can never hide