Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Oxfordshire Respect join Unite Against Fascism to campaign against the BNP in Henley

The BNP are standing a candidate in the local elections in Henley South. Oxfordshire Respect members joined other supporters of Oxfordshire Unite Against Fascism to leaflet the ward last Saturday and Sunday, urging people to vote to keep the fascists out.

A copy of the laflet can be found at

A similar mobilsation against the BNP and National Front in Bicester at the last election saw the BNP disappear ater one challenge and the National ront candidte give up standing after getting nowhere. The people of West ward in Bicester responded with an increased turnout that destroyed the National Front's attempts to capitalise on an anti-asylum seeker mood.

The BNP are standing a record number of candidates across the UK. The BNP successes in recent years shows he need for campaigning n response to their presence. Even paper candidates help promote the idea that they are part of the potical mainstream. We cannot alow fascism to become part and parcel of polictical life in the UK.

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