Thursday, 6 March 2008

Oxford Respect supports the Living Wage campaign

Oxford is an expensive city to live in. At present employers are legally required to pay a minimum wage of £5.35 an hour to all workers over the age of 22. But this wage, as well as being wholly inadequate at a national level, also takes no account of regional variations in the cost of living.

Oxford Respect is supporting the campaign for an Oxford Living Wage of at least £7 and will be highlighting the campaign in the forthcoming May elections.

The Oxford and District Trades Council has made this campaign a central focus of its annual May rally this year, For more information see the ODTUC link on the sidebar.

Details of May day rally: Assemble at 12 Noon, Broad Street Oxford and march to Manzil Way, speakers on the minimum wage campaign, public sector pay cuts, job cuts at the Royal Mail Centre, celebrating international workers day, and opposing racism and fascism

Supported by:
Communication Workers Union (CWU), Living Wage Campaign, Unison Oxfordshire Health Branch, Fire Brigades Union, Local Government Unions, National Union of Teachers, Anti Academies campaign, Close Campsfield Campaign, Keep Our NHS PublicOxford - Ramallah Group, Colombia Solidarity Campaign, Cuba Solidarity Campaign