Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Oxfordshire teachers gear up for day of action on 24th

Oxford Respect activists will be working hard to make the important day of action on the 24th April a success. Check the blog for updates on the campaign

From the Oxford Mail:

There is a strong chance' some Oxfordshire schools may close on April 24 after one of the country's largest teaching unions today voted for a one-day strike.

The National Union of Teachers (NUT) voted three to one in favour of strike action in what will be its first national stoppage for 22 years. It wants the government's 2.45 per cent pay rise lifted to at least four per cent to be in line with inflation.

Oxfordshire NUT president Chris Blakey said members were not prepared to put up with below inflation pay rises any longer.

Although it was too early to say how many Oxfordshire schools would be affected, he said it was "highly likely" some might have to close.

Mr Blakey added: "This strike demonstrates the frustration and anger felt by many teachers who are struggling to pay off price rises brought about by soaring energy, fuel, food, travel and mortgage costs.

"This comes at a time when workload has risen out of all proportion. Stress-related illness among teachers has never been so high."

He said the strike on April 24 would "only be the start of the fight over pay", adding: "We do not do the job for money, but we cannot do it without."