Monday, 27 October 2008

US attacks Syria- Oxford protest

Message from Oxford Stop the War Coalition

US Special Forces, claiming to be targeting Al Qaida fighers, has 
launched an aggressive raid on civilian targets in the Syrian town 
of Al Sukkariya, close to the Iraqi border. The attack killed at 
least 8 people and wounded 14 others. Two children were amongst the 

This attack follows strikes on Pakistan earlier this months and it 
looks as though George Bush is determined to escalate violence in 
the Middle East before he steps down from the US Presidency. 

The attack also demonstrates why the US is determined to hang on to 
Iraq and use it as a strategic launchpad undermining stability in 
the region.

The Syrian government has condemned the attack as an act of 
terrorist aggression.

In response Oxford Stop the War Coalition is organising an emergency 
protest at 6.00pm at Cornmarket (Carfax end) tomorrow evening, 
Tuesday 28 October. Please come along and also let other people know 
about it.

Caroline, on behalf of Oxford Stop the War Coalition