Sunday, 22 February 2009

Details of this years Oxford Radical Forum 2009


The second Oxford Radical Forum will be taking place from Friday to Sunday, 6 -8 March, 2009, in Wadham College, Oxford. Building on the success of last year's conference, and a conviction in the continued necessity of leftist theory and politics, the weekend will see some of the brightest and most engaged people from the radical left coming to Oxford in order to contribute towards the reconstruction of an alternative, critical politics – a politics that stands for a real transformation of society in favour of social justice and equality and against war and poverty. We invite you all to join and participate in open and challenging debates in talks, workshops and seminars on war and imperialism, women's liberation, socialism and ecology and many other issues, with some of the key thinkers and activists of our day.There will also be bookstalls and daily socials (including a dinner and a clubnight) over the weekend, making the event a unique opportunity to bring together not just the left in Oxford (and beyond!) but also all those who are interested in seriously discussing profound political questions in an open and critical atmosphere.

The action will be centred around Wadham College's 'Ho Chi Minh Quad' from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening. All talks and debates will be free of charge and no registration is necessary, though we welcome people to show their interest on Facebook:

A choice selection of confirmed sessions include:::
ALEX CALLINICOS on Imperialism Today – What it is and how we resist itAlex Callinicos is Professor of European Studies at Kings College London and author of many acclaimed books on social and political theory, as well as being involved in the European and World Social Forums, and the British anti-war movement.::

DEBORAH CAMERON on 'The Myths of Mars and Venus'Deborah Cameron's popularly received book, 'The Myths of Mars and Venus: Do Men and Women Really Speak Another Language?', explodes popular misconceptions about the differences between men and women.::

EYAL WEIZMAN on Israel's Architecture of OccupationIsraeli architect Eyal Weizman (Goldsmiths College) analyses the nature of the Israeli use of architecture and space in that state's ongoing oppression of the Palestinians, while criticising the silence of his own profession.::

DEREK WALL on the Red and the GreenProspective MEP candidate for the Green Party and leading figure in Green Left, the Green Party's eco-socialist, anti-capitalist faction, will be discussing the necessary interrelationship between ecology and socialism.::

ALBERTO TOSCANO on Italy, politics and the Right todayPolitical philosophy researcher at Goldsmiths, Alberto Toscano will be talking about the contradictory and ambiguous political situation in Italy, particulary considering the rise of the far right.... and many more!We will be sending out a confirmed timetable within the next few days.

With all best wishes from the Organising Committee of the OXFORD RADICAL FORUM - we hope to see as many of you as possible, 6 - 8 March.[PS! Could all those willing to help promote the event in Oxford please get in touch on!]