Monday, 2 February 2009

Terry Eagleton to speak in Oxford this Wednesday

The famous radical literary critic Terry Eagleton, and others, will be speaking this wednesday at 6 p.m. on fighting against neo-liberalism in our universities and rebuilding a radical students movement.

The event is being organised jointly by the OXFORD RADICAL FORUM and new national campaign Another Education Is Possible ( Details follow:


Another Education is Possible is teaming up with the Oxford Radical Forum to present an evening discussion on the threat of Neo-Liberalism to our universities and the right to education, and what we can do to resist it and reclaim our universities.


18:00, Wednesday, 4 Feb. (3rd Week)
Wadham College, Moser Theatre (tbc.)


Terry Eagleton ('Britain's best-known academic rebel' - The Guardian)

Kostas Todoulos (Athens University Occupation)

Rob Owen (NUS National Executive Committee - personal capacity)

As the economic crisis deepens, the government and powerful business will be more than ever seeking to make cuts in higher and further education, threatening the quality of ours and future generations' education, and in the process damaging one of society's most crucial social goods. We believe that education is a right - not a privilege - and affirm the benefit it has on society as a whole.

Another Education Is Possible is a new national campaign aspiring to focus campaigns up and down the country that oppose neo-liberalism and attacks on education, and intergrate those struggles. With the nationwide explosion in radical campaigning connected with the occupation movement in solidarity with Gaza, we have the real potential for a new students' movement that can fight and win.

So come on Wednesday to hear about these struggles with Terry Eagleton and Kostas Todoulos - fresh from the occupation movement in Greece, and prepare for a national demo against attacks on education 25 February, in Central London.