Thursday, 2 December 2010

Head of Tory Council in Web Rant

The Tory County Council leader Keith Mitchell, responsible for pushing through perhaps 1,000 job losses in Oxfordshire, has posted the following rant on his blog:

"Student rabble invade County Hall Reflecting on the acts of trespass and vandalism when a scruffy rabble invaded County Hall, it seems that a good number of these oiks were school children rather than college or university students. This raises two questions in my mind:

First, locally, in Oxfordshire, how did all these teenagers bunk off their studies? What are the truancy records for Oxford schools on the afternoon of 30 November? I hope school teachers were not complicit in encouraging these children to bunk off school?

Secondly, given that there were similar example of lawlessness across the country, what is driving this national outbreak of unlawful behaviour? I suspect the hard left are working up a campaign to make such lawlessness appear to be the norm and therefore to become acceptable."

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