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Million Climate Jobs Public Meeting, Oxford Town Hall, 25th Jan 2011

One Million Climate Jobs
Solving the economic and environmental crises

We face an economic crisis and an environmental crisis in Britain and across the world. We need solutions to both beginning now. Climate activists, and several national trade unions, are launching a campaign to make the government create one million green climate jobs. The Campaign Against Climate Change has produced a pamphlet that explains how we can do that and why we must. It will be followed up in early 2011 by a book, presenting the case in greater detail.
To find solutions to the climate crisis and the recession, we need more public spending, the opposite of current government policy. We have people who need jobs and work that needs to be done. A million climate jobs in the UK will not solve all the economy's problems. But it will take a million human beings off the dole and put them to work saving the future.

Oxford Public Meeting
One Million Climate Jobs
Solving the economic and environmental crises
Council Chamber, Oxford Town Hall,
7:30 pm, Tuesday, 25th January
Mark Bergfeld – National Union of Students Executive
Jonathan Neale – Editor, One Million Climate Jobs
David Ricketts – UNITE Community & Youth Workers Union
Craig Simmons – Oxford Green Party

Called by the Campaign against Climate Change and
Oxfordshire Anti-Cuts Alliance

One Million Climate Jobs
In 2009, the Campaign against Climate Change Trade Union Group – working with academics, climate activists, the TUC and several UK trade unions including the CWU, PCS, TSSA, UCU and UNITE – decided to fight to make the government create one million green ‘climate’ jobs. We produced a report ‘One Million Climate Jobs NOW!’

Thousands of copies of this report have been sold around the world. There are now over two and a half million unemployed people in Britain. We have people who need jobs, and work that must be done.

This latest report sets out how, and why, the government must create one million climate jobs – in renewable energy, refitting buildings, public transport, industry and education – if we are to solve the economic crisis and avoid environmental catastrophe.

The report details a scientifically sound, do-able and inspiring alternative to the present government’s vicious and unwarranted programme of public service cuts.

One Million Climate Jobs Report
Published by the Campaign against Climate Change.
Available from Bookmarks, 1 Bloomsbury St., London, WC1B 3QE (0207 637 1848)
£2.50 or £18 for 10 copies

In Oxford, contact Nancy Lindisfarne 07981607107

Carbon cuts not job cuts
Green jobs- Where the main political parties stand

Labour Party
"Labour’s policy anticipated that an additional 400,000 jobs in the low carbon sector would be created by 2015, taking the total figure to well over 1.2 million" (Ed Milliband July 2010)

Liberal Democrat Party
The Liberal Democrat manifesto pledge is to create 57,000 jobs by investing £400 million upgrading disused shipyards to enable the production of off-shore wind turbines.

Conservative Party
"The Government believes that climate change is one of the gravest threats we face, and that urgent action at home and abroad is required. We need to use a wide range of levers to cut carbon emissions, decarbonise the economy and support the creation of new green jobs and technologies" (No target given)

Green Party Policy
"Our major and immediate priority is the creation of an extra million jobs and training places. An immediate £44bn package of measures would include workforce training, investment in renewables, public transport, insulation, social housing and waste management "

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